Curtain Call! Leave Them Dancing In The Aisles With Amazing Customer Service

Amy Stafford

Curtain Call! The best Broadway shows end with an amazing cast smiling and waving, maybe even tap-dancing as they exit stage right. What a lovely final image! Admit it, you go home humming the songs, and you can’t get scenes out of your head. Anytime I see a Broadway show, it was, without a doubt, the very best part of my day. I cannot wait until I have the chance to see another!

One of my personal favorites is the Rock of Ages jazz hands end to Act 1, clad in 80’s neon colors and bodacious big hair. Then, they rock it again at the end of the show with Don’t Stop Believing. How memorable is that?!

The other radically ridiculously spectacular brilliance of Rock of Ages (besides motoring along with Sister Christian) is it is a fully immersive experience. They engage the audience from the beginning. You are transported back into the 80’s, and they serve Jello shots in the audience to prove it. You become part of the story instantly.

Imagine if we adapted this mantra in the orthodontic practice, minus the Jello shots, of course. We often talk about the first impression with customer service. This is a no-brainer. But, how do you leave your patients? The way you finish an appointment is just as important as you begin. Do you abruptly leave the chair after making your clinical recommendations, or do you smile and wish the patient well after chatting with them about what is going in their lives? Do the clinical assistants talk over the patients to each other about what they watched on television the night before, or include the patients in the conversation?

After each appointment, the assistants should be walking each and every patient to their parent or responsible party, not just ‘sending’ them to the front, or ‘sending’ them to ‘get’ ‘whoever’ came with them. The assistants should also take the time to learn the name of the responsible party who is accompanying the patients, and introduce themselves appropriately to Sara or Jim, not ‘mom’ or ‘dad.’ As the patient is being walked out, anyone who is nearby should look up, smile and wave, and say goodbye! Let them know you enjoyed having them here today, you hope they enjoy the rest of their day, and you look forward to seeing them next time. Their visit with you should be the very best part of their day.

The experience doesn’t stop there. The appointment should be clearly explained, the handoff to the scheduling coordinator should be flawless and beautifully scripted so that everyone is assured that their needs will be met, and that they will be well taken care of. The scheduling coordinator then takes over with a smiling, caring face, tone, and “I’m here to help you” attitude. Everyone goes the extra mile in your practice, and this is overheard in every corner of your office. It is a well-choreographed tap dance that will win you a standing ovation.

And don’t forget the lasting impression of a genuine ‘goodbye!” Saying goodbye is just as important as saying hello. When it’s done well, the final picture of you and your team is always pleasant, jazz hands and all! Your patrons will be singing your praises all over town!

Amy’s 20 years of experience working for orthodontists nationwide as a certified orthodontist assistant, clinical and software trainer, treatment coordinator and marketing coordinator give her a unique well-rounded perspective for your practice.

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