Mamma Mia! Winning the Game of Mom

Amy Stafford

“Grow back down!” That was the advice mom, Donna, heard from her friends when told she had changed and moved on in the hit show, Mamma Mia. How many times are moms sitting in your office with their kids wondering just how they got there, and where the time went, and whether or not this is “Our Last Summer” before everything changes. She’s probably even already seeing visions of graduations, college, and weddings flashing before her eyes!

Often the orthodontic new patient exam is not just another appointment. It is a huge stepping stone that is a memorable, emotional, life changing moment. Not only is mom seeing her baby grow up right before her eyes, but this is also a time for her to remember her own experiences and reminisce. We’ve all heard it: “When I had braces…” What an honor that you get to share this experience! No need for an “SOS” call here, with just the right technique and approach, “When All Is Said And Done,” you can gain the trust of both mom and the patient.

The Winner Takes It All

Most orthodontic patients are adolescents, and motivating mom to accept treatment at your practice is “The Name of The Game.” The new patient process is a well-orchestrated, perfectly directed performance. After the song and dance of the first impression, you should focus on winning. You and your treatment coordinator must be in perfect sync, conveying the same, consistent message, and understand the goal. In this day, many parents are seeking multiple orthodontic opinions, and you want to be on point for every performance. Every detail makes a difference so that you aren’t the one left wondering why your new patients are “Slipping Through My Fingers,” and are not starting treatment in your practice.

Does Your Mother Know

Though many patients may benefit from treatment, mom is wondering, “Does my child need braces?” Underneath it all mom could be hoping that no treatment will be necessary, and she can avoid the expense, as well as the inconvenience. It is important that you convey a clear and concise need for treatment to both the patient and his or her mother. The exam cannot become all about cosmetics. Explain the benefits, or you may have a “Dancing Queen” tap right out your door. Your treatment coordinator’s skill in conveying this message is vital, as well. Scripting is essential so that any unexpected news is shared clearly and gently. Ensure that your treatment coordinator is excellent at connecting with patients and parents, and that he or she is a pro at establishing instant relationships.

Honey Honey

So now that it has been established that orthodontic treatment is recommended, and needed, mom wants to know if her baby will have a beautiful, straight smile at the end of treatment. You’ve discussed the need for treatment, so now assure her that a healthy smile is also a beautiful smile. There comes a point during the new patient experience where you must appeal to the heart. Every “Mamma” wants the best for her “Honey.” Most parents are going to do every thing in their power to give their children the world, and that includes the smile of their dreams. Mom may not want to buy treatment, but she wants to buy the best for her child. A smile is life-changing. The power of a simple smile comes on strong here, and this is key in motivating mom to say, “Yes.”

Money, Money, Money

Perhaps the most important question to answer for mom is, “How much will this cost?” We’re in a world now where every mom wants the best for her child, but wants the best price as well. She may agree with your plan and see the need in treatment, but may not be ready to spend. Your fees and treatment coordinator’s financial presentation must be in perfect harmony in the “Winner Takes It All” competitive market. Scripting has never been more important! An expert TC knows exactly how to pick up on mom’s concerns, and address them during the financial presentation. Showcase the value of choosing treatment in your practice, even if it is more expensive. Focus on flexibility, customer care, and convenience. Make this investment and financial plan affordable for her budget.

Take a Chance on Me

By focusing on not only the patient’s needs, but also the biggest decision maker, mom, you will win. Improve your case acceptance by taking the time to meet with your TC and map out your new patient experience from start to finish. Script every detail, and perform at your best each and every day to have one mom after another say “I DO” when it comes time to sign the dotted line.

At Ortho Infusion, we provide customized orthodontic consulting services that are not only magical, but also fun through our Ortho Theatrics program. We focus on customer service training for your entire team, from the administrative staff, to the treatment coordinators. Our approach is different. Designed by lead consultant, Amy Stafford, we use techniques based in theatre to engage your patients from the moment they first contact your practice on the new patient phone call. We provide proven scripting and verbal skills that work. Call us now at 855-476-7846 to stage your success!

Amy’s 20 years of experience working for orthodontists nationwide as a certified orthodontist assistant, clinical and software trainer, treatment coordinator and marketing coordinator give her a unique well-rounded perspective for your practice.