The Audition Series – Installment Two

Amy Stafford

The New Patient Phone Call: Script for Success

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the new patient phone call is often the first interaction a prospective patient or parent will have with your practice. Make an impact, make it effective, and make it memorable. Remember, you are auditioning your practice for new patients with every new patient phone call! Make sure your star cast is ready for each cue by following a perfected new patient phone call script to stage your success.

1. Casting is Key. The front desk is usually bustling with excitement. There are patients coming and going, and the phone is usually ringing off the hook. Although all cast members in your practice should be cross-trained and prepared to properly take a new patient phone call if necessary, I recommend casting the role of a new patient phone call expert. If possible, new patient phone calls should be transferred to this expert, with an excellent, scripted hand-off, of course. When casting this role, remember the 3 P’s: Personality, Pleasant, Precise.

2. Cue cards are great ‘backstage tools!’ Post scripts at every phone. In the event that the new patient phone call expert is unavailable to take a call, then it is GO time. Have the scripts ready and available for anyone to access at any time to stage success and nail the new patient phone call performance each and every time. Improvisation works, and is sometimes appropriate, but there is no need for potential “Whose Line Is It, Anyway” moments when you have a script in place.

3. Set the Stage. Your new patient call expert should let the patient or parent know you are GLAD he or she called your practice! Consumers have many choices and options. Refer to the parent and patient by name, not mom, dad or child. Create a memorable, lasting relationship from the beginning. Always empower yourselves and your practice by highlighting your experience, excellent relationships with patients and the referring dentist, and your ability to put patients’ best interests at heart. Always direct the caller to your website. Utilize your website as an educational resource!

4. Research all Roles. Learn as much as possible about the patient, and with whom you will be sharing the stage. This means all pertinent information, including the parents’ and patients’, names, address, daytime phone number, e-mail, the parents’ cell phone numbers. I cannot stress enough the importance of email and cell phone for adequate communication. Collect insurance information. If it is not readily available, offer to call them back at a scheduled time to assist. Get all of this information on the first call so that you do not have to delay the new patient appointment by requesting it again. You may also spotlight your excellent customer service by subtly showcasing this as the new patient arrives to your office. It’s easy to roll out a virtual red carpet for patients! Small details make a huge difference. Using the patients’ names, and referring directly to notes taken during the new patient phone call, will demonstrate early to your patients that you and your team are willing to go the extra mile.

When the new patient phone call has been rehearsed, scripted, and performed well, patients and parents are immediately put at ease, and are convinced that they have called the right place for their child. Start on the right foot by casting the right person in the right role to take the new patient phone call. Script for Success, Stage Your Success, See Your Success.

At Ortho Infusion, we provide customized orthodontic consulting services that focus specifically on the new patient process. We combine years of orthodontic experience with the fun and magic of the stage through our Ortho Theatrics program. Working with your team, we develop the best systems, skills, and scripts to win new patients. Our approach is different. Designed by Lead Consultant, Amy Stafford, we use techniques based in theatre to engage your patients from the moment they first contact your practice on the new patient phone call. We provide proven scripting and verbal skills that work. Perform at your best! Call us now at 855-476-7846 to stage your success!

Amy’s 20 years of experience working for orthodontists nationwide as a certified orthodontist assistant, clinical and software trainer, treatment coordinator and marketing coordinator give her a unique well-rounded perspective for your practice.