You Have To Believe We Are Magic

Amy Stafford


I recently read on The Huffington Post, “ The ’80s was a decade where big hair, big parties and the brat pack ruled Hollywood. Tom Cruise hadn’t even heard of scientology, Julia Roberts still wore her hair curly and Meryl Streep rode the New York City subway.” During the ‘80s I was a carefree kid playing Indiana Jones with my brother in my backyard, dressing up my Cabbage Patch Kids with my best friends, and singing New Kids on the Block, learning every dance move like I was going to be a star. I believed every minute that I was living in the jungle, raiding temples with Dr. Jones, and that I was one sidekick away from being discovered by Joey-Joe. I had the ‘right stuff.’ It was magic. When I think back on those days, I don’t miss them, as much as I want to recreate them everyday, even at work! It is possible for us to do this, and we don’t even have to roll up our pants and wear mismatched socks or topless hats to do so.

Last summer I went to see one of my dearest friends perform in an outstanding stage production of Xanadu. There were roller skates, crazy ‘80s music, lights, and spectacle; it was MAGIC. We were completely transported and engaged in this mystical world inspired by Olivia Newton John. We believed we were there, and we were part of the show. The director made sure the actors knew their characters inside and out. The set reflected the space and time. The costumes were over the top in ‘80s colorful splendor. All the details were perfectly in tune to create an unforgettably fun experience for the audience.

As an orthodontic team you are responsible for creating magic for your patients on a daily basis. Like a talented team of performers from a trained acting troupe, you have to be ready to hit the stage running before your first patient arrives. This means your entire show better be ready to go, and every detail must be in place! Find your inspiration in every day, and start your day off right. Make sure your morning meeting is productive, but upbeat. Do you need a kick-off song? There is no room for negativity in this production, so send your troupe to ‘places’ with smiles on their faces. Once patients arrive, for the rest of the day, all eyes are on them, and they are ‘on.’ Find the fun! Engage your patients; find out what is going on in their day. Compliment what they are wearing, or a big accomplishment you may have read about them in the paper. Are you making a trip to the coffee machine? While you are there, why don’t you ask if anyone else would like some, and take it to them. Do you see a mom struggling to pack up her bags while her three kids are pulling her in four directions? Ask her if you can help. Call your patients’ parents by their names. Don’t simply say ‘mom’ or ‘dad.’ Is your staff simply answering the phone, or are your cast members engaging your audience and welcoming them to your practice? Did someone have a tough appointment? Call them at the end of the day to check on them. Do you have theme weeks in your office? Go full out. Don’t just dress-up! Engage your patients, encourage them to dress-up with you. Theme your music, decorate your office, change your Facebook page, create an experience and work some memorable MAGIC. This is not a new idea. Disney has been doing this from the beginning, and is the happiest place on earth. They create an experience for their visitors each and every day with every single detail, and every role every cast member plays is important. You and your team can direct your own show that is a blockbuster, full of fun for everyone involved. As Olivia Newton John so dreamily instructed, “You have to believe we are magic, Don’t let your aim ever stray. And if all your hopes survive, Your destiny will arrive.” That’s advice even Mr. Miyagi would approve of.

At Ortho Infusion, we provide training that’s not only magical, but also fun! We focus on customer service training for your entire team, from the administrative staff, to the treatment coordinators. Our approach is different. We use technique based in theatre to engage your patients from the moment they first contact your practice on the new patient phone call. We analyze all details of your practice including your office image and new patient experience. Our marketing experts will customize a plan that works. We are a full service company, and also offer packages that include responsive website design and social media marketing. Contact us today to find out how we can benefit your practice and spark the magic that you’ve been missing!

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Amy’s 20 years of experience working for orthodontists nationwide as a certified orthodontist assistant, clinical and software trainer, treatment coordinator and marketing coordinator give her a unique well-rounded perspective for your practice.