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That inexplicable, immeasurable, intangible thing. The draw. The hook. The BRAND. Orthodontic branding is everything. When played well, solid branding provides your practice a synergy throughout all operational components of your business. The face of your company should look as professional and smart as your practice. How will you convey that harmony? Brands offer uniformity, credibility, and ultimately, immediate recognition. A strong brand is created when art and discipline merge. Ortho Infusion will evaluate the strengths and uniqueness of your orthodontic practice and create the intangible and priceless brand. The tangibles include logo design, stationery, fliers, postcards, and any marketing material you use to reach your existing and future client base. Your brand is worth more than all tangibles combined. Loyalty is cultivated by effective orthodontic branding. Imagine your business mushrooming and thriving…The possibilities are endless. You wouldn’t be in this profession unless you had the confidence. Do you want to flourish? Do you want to ensure longevity and the perpetuation of quality and ingenuity in your field? Fasten your seatbelt and get ready. We will get you there. Ortho Infusion is comprised of a team of strategists that will combine science and creativity to expertly chisel your orthodontic brand. Propel your practice into the next stratosphere. We’ve been in the design business for a while, so let us help you create an identity that takes center stage. It’s our job to identify the heart of your practice and present you to the world. Let us showcase your practice like never before.

Crow Canyon Orthodontics
Crow Canyon Orthodontics
Arash Abolfazlian, DDS, MSD

I used Ortho Infusion for my logo design, and I can not tell you how happy I am. Not only was the logo all that I envisioned, but the customer service went above and beyond anything else I have experienced. I initially tried having a graphic artist create my logo, but after going through my set number of revisions, I still was not happy. Fortunately, Jerry was kind enough to sit with me and listen to all my comments as we went through the design process. The process and the result was amazing! I highly recommend Ortho Infusion!

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