“Stage Your Success!”

Orthodontic Consulting With a Kick! Really, we can sing, dance, and kick! Our orthodontic consultants will have you singing and dancing by the end of the day!

Not only do they know their stuff, but also they are pretty fun folks to have around your

At Ortho Infusion, we’ve got the goods, and we’ve got the talent to take your practice to the next level. Ortho Infusion’s president Amy Stafford, who has 20 years of orthodontic experience AND a BFA in theatre performance, leads the Ortho Theatrics on-site consulting team. We understand the need for consistent messaging, scripting, and a good, old-fashioned box-office shake down look at numbers and reporting. After all, you’re only as good as your records are accurate.

Our orthodontic consultants approach everything as a performance. After all, you are onstage every minute of every day! We begin by evaluating all of the processes and systems in your office from the first new patient call, to the last patient of the day. Our consultants specialize in the orthodontic new patient process! Each one has spent time in an exam room as an orthodontic treatment coordinator, and knows exactly what it takes to coach your treatment coordinator and financial team to convert exams and win the game of case acceptance. We work on verbal skills, script and rehearse from entrances to exits, and every move in between. We train your stars to dress for success, because your image and first impression is everything! Our orthodontic financial consultant will help you manage the books, coach your administrative team for optimized efficiency, and better understand orthodontic insurance.

From schedules to scripting, tracking, daily and monthly meetings to orthodontic marketing plans, and events, our orthodontic consultants can handle anything you may throw at them, especially bouquets of roses! After the curtain closes, you will receive a detailed report full of recommendations and strategies custom designed to increase efficiency, customer service, production, case acceptance, and overall practice performance. The show must go on, and the Ortho Theatrics orthodontic consultants stage your success for each and every performance.

It’s your time to shine! Join our kick line!

Are you ready to Stage Your Success?

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