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A well-developed orthodontic Kids’ Club is more than simply handing your newest growth and development patient a slick rewards card with a pat on the back while saying “Welcome to the club,” as you run out the door to see your next patient. This is a big day! This is your only chance to wow this wide-eyed newbie with an excellent first impression of your orthodontic practice

This special group of orthodontic patients requires a reason to come back and see you and your team every six months for the next couple of years. Knock their socks off with a complete orthodontic Kids’ Club welcome packet! Make it a huge moment in their lives. You and your team are different from everyone else in town, because not only do your new growth and development patients earn rewards, they are true members of a real club. Differentiate your orthodontic practice! These kids will be active participants in your practice, not passively waiting around for braces. You earn the loyalty you need to get the YES when it IS time for braces.

There IS a difference, and it is everything in building a loyal relationship. The buzz will build and pretty soon, all the kids on the soccer fields, and all the kids at school will also want to be in the club, and they are going to do whatever it takes come to YOUR practice to be in your orthodontic Kids’ Club.

At Ortho Infusion, our orthodontic consultants and graphic designers build customized orthodontic Kids’ Club for your practice, complete from start to finish. We work with you and your team to create a fun club name, and a unique logo and tagline. Then, we give you the tools, coaching, and everything else you need to establish the relationship required to engage maintain the most valuable members of your orthodontic practice. We even help you plan your kick-off event! Contact us today for more information on our customized orthodontic Kids’ Club Package.